Optimise by conversion and refurbishment

The conditions regarding the type and quantity of the goods to be handled can change over the operating period of material handling equipment. Older cranes often have significantly higher operating costs. If you need more performance, additional functions, new applications or an increased service life, we can adapt your crane to meet your needs using state-of-the-art systems and our unique expertise. This enables you to use your existing installation more effectively, save the high investment costs for completely new products and cut running operating costs. This also results in improved operating conditions and simplified maintenance work.

Contact us – the KSR specialists for crane conversion and refurbishment will develop the optimum solution for your handling needs. Fast, simple and cost-effective. You, too, can benefit from our decades of experience and the expertise of a crane manufacturer with thousands of installations in operation world-wide; regardless of whether they are installations from our product range – KSR, AUMUND, Demag, Konecranes, Keienburg, PS – or cranes built by other manufacturers. In addition, we can also convert and modernise used cranes to meet your needs.

If a portal crane is moved from one location to another for a different application, this requires a series of measures, ranging from disassembly to re-commissioning, which can be carried out by our professional full-service team. Changed operating conditions may be combined with a modification of the jib, or a replacement of the hoist unit and load handling accessories. It may be necessary to modify the span if a crane is used on an existing crane runway. In this context, it may be necessary to refurbish the crane runway, as its condition has a significant effect on the service life of various crane components. As a rule, conversions are usually carried out together with modernisation: in this way, replacement of some of the steelwork, the electrical equipment or mechanical components may be money well spent.

An example for modernising a rotary crane is to replace the main bearing arrangement. The connecting element between the lower fixed part of the crane (portal and mast) and the rotating part of the crane is subjected to corresponding loads and wear. If it has to be replaced, this may be done with or without the need to remove the turning part and the jib system. In any case, the complexity of a large slewing crane and the specific weight of the machinery platform and the jib system weighing several hundred tons make it necessary to have detailed knowledge of the product and in-depth expertise.

Our conversion and modernisation expertise includes:

  • Modification of crane installations to adapt them to changed operating conditions
  • Modernisation to meet legally required safety specifications
  • Modification of cantilevers on portal cranes
  • Transfer of crane installations including dismantling, re-erection, modification and transport
  • Adaptations to the spans of crane installations
  • Conversions or supply of cabins including mounting
  • Mechanical and electrical refurbishment of old installations and crane runways
  • Modernisation of the drive systems, e.g. as frequency inverters or by means of EASY electronics modules
  • Installation of Konecranes and Demag components, such as chain hoists, rope hoists, gearboxes
  • Surveying and analysis of the condition of crane elements and installations
  • Assessment and acceptance-testing and inspections of cranes by experts
  • Manufacture and replacement of running wheels, pinions, carriages etc.
  • Upgrading handling accessories and load handling attachments
  • Installation of calibrated weighing devices