Maintenance & Inspection

We keep your crane in shape

Crane installations and lifting equipment have to be checked at regular intervals to ensure they are in a technically safe condition as laid down by accident prevention regulations. Our KSR service specialists – experts, trained professionals, crane specialists, customer-service engineers – have the necessary qualifications and assume responsibility for compliance with the relevant regulations.

We carry out the prescribed inspections and ensure safe, smooth and reliable operation at your site. If we discover any defects, you benefit in many ways from the early diagnosis of any necessary repairs: We can agree a date to suit you and prevent major damage to the installation.

Before commissioning, after a general overhaul and following any significant changes, German regulation BGV D6 specifies that crane installations have to be inspected, for example. This work can be performed by our officially authorised inspection engineers for products by all manufacturers.

If you have a large inventory of installations, you need only one central contact with comprehensive service expertise. We can offer you full-service agreements with a scope of services and contract period tailored to meet your individual needs. You can arrange to have all maintenance and inspection work carried out by us for all crane installations, auxiliary hoists, electrical facilities, chain hoists, lifts and load handling attachments, for example.

Our coverage of the German market and the verified uniform quality standard of our branch offices to DIN EN 9001 make us your ideal service partner, particularly if you have cranes and lifting equipment in operation at various locations.

Regular inspections:

  • BGV D6 (Formerly VBG 9) for cranes
  • BGV D8 (formerly VBG 8) Winches, hoists and towing appliances
  • VBG 9a Load handling attachments
  • BGV A2 (formerly VBG 4) Electrical installations and equipment
  • BGR 159 Attachments for the lifting of persons
  • ZH 1/494 Power-operated windows, doors and gates
  • ZH 1/235 Ropes, chains and lifting attachments

Maintenance and inspection report including accident prevention regulation inspection

  • Reports by experts on the condition of the installation
  • Recommendations for repairs with price quotations
  • List of priorities with regard to urgency of repairs
  • Recommended spare part stock list for the installation operating site
  • Acceptance testing and inspection by expert engineers of welding work requiring official inspection and testing to DIN 18800, part 7 as well as DIN 15018